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Happy Valentine's!  I mean, GALENTINE'S Day!

Happy Valentine's! I mean, GALENTINE'S Day!

It must be an international holiday week, I mean, if not for the only reason that I have eaten more chocolate this week alone than I have on any other week during the past year!!  As you celebrate this week, you might sense that so Elementary School ‘would you be my Valentine’ tradition moving on over to make room for a celebration with your gal pals.  Make time to party with your friends, your nieces, sisters, mother, or grandmother.  Cheers to Galentine’s Day, and all the women in our lives who champion friendships during good and bad seasons.  Here are a few ideas for hanging out with the women on your #squadgoals or #dreamteam this Valentine’s week.



Last week I had a Galentine’s weekend away at a hotel, and it was a fun little mini vacation.  If you cannot commit to a long stay, find a friend who wants to host.  Choose a house at which to have a brunch or a potluck with sweets.  Most importantly, wherever you find yourselves celebrating the friendship should take center stage. 



Today a friend texted me, “sweet or sour?”  In my humble opinion, sweet is the win for Galantine’s Day.  If needed, reference my chocolate addition, mentioned above.  However, brunch allows some other more savory options.  Champagne is not always too sweet, right!?  Bring a variety of candy and create a candy bar with plastic bags ready to-go for home.  Cupcakes with added heart sprinkles are fab, and sugar cookies are my absolute favorite!  YUM!  So many great ways to go a little overboard this week. 



The dollar section at Target, anyone?  I know you have found it, or accidently slipped a few items into your cart while walking into the store.  A small banner or balloons from the dollar tree or party store are so much fun and great addition for a photo op!  Create homemade cards, or write a poem or quote on a chalkboard. 



Drop off cookies for the mom that does not have time to attend.  Write a note to the friend who needs encouragement.  Give your niece a big hug and do not forget to thank your mom and grandmother for the cards they sent in the mail.  What a great way to give back to a few of the girls that make life a celebration!  To Galentine’s Day! 


How do you plan on celebrating?

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