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My TOP TEN: you know you are from Louisville when...

My TOP TEN: you know you are from Louisville when...

While I am not from Louisville, there are so many things I love in this quaint town.  For instance, downtown Louisville looking pretty on a cold day!  📷: @rhiannaterrian 

Whether you were born in Louisville or claim the town as your home, here are my TOP TEN reasons you know you are from Louisville.  Drum roll, please—

You know you are from Louisville when...

1).  You don’t ask what college folks went to; you ask, “which high school did you attend?”

2).  You talk about the old Sears building or use it in your directions when communicating with others.  

3).  You are either a die hard Louisville basketball fan or grew up with blue blood and are a true UK basketball fan.  Intense commitment either way.    

4).  You pronounce “Louisville” correctly.  Y’all, the Lou folk know what I’m saying.  There are about 6 pronunciations of “Louisville.”

5).  Derby isn’t seen as an over the top event like Vegas.  It’s a way of life, and either you choose to go in 150% or hide for a month and rent your place out as an Airbnb.

6).  Allergies are high in motion in this town, and the Ohio River Valley is the worst.  We have grown accustomed to friends sneezing and blaming it on the damn river.  

7).  The flooding of the Ohio River doesn’t phase you.  In fact, you expect to have the roads closed downtown once or twice a year due to flooding.   

8).  If one of your local friends can’t boast to have met Jennifer Lawrence, you have some sort of connection locally to the hometown movie star’s upbringing or schooling.  

9).  When it rains your travel time to your destination in traffic automatically gets doubled.  No explanation?! Wet roads?

10).  You are proud of your local arts scene.  Greater LOUISVILLE is mighty in the arts department, and we are nationally recognized to be a top city for these five arts categories: opera, orchestra, ballet, theatre and museums.  🎭

What are your favorites?  What do you think defines a Louisville native?

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Happy Valentine's! I mean, GALENTINE'S Day!